Amazon Civilization Revealed After Forest Cleared

Lost Amazon Civilization Revealed After Forest Cleared:


Amazon Civilization Revealed After Forest Cleared

Amazon Civilization Revealed After Forest Cleared


“Hundreds of geometric monuments unearthed deep in the Amazon may have been left behind by a previously unknown society, say scientists.

Archaeologists have found more than 200 earthworks shaped as perfect circles and squares, many connected by straight roads. They have dated one site to 1283AD but say others could be from as early as 200AD.

The earthen foundations were found in a region more than 150miles across, covering northern Bolivia and Brazil’s Amazonas state.

The first ones were uncovered in 1999, after large areas of pristine forest was cleared for cattle grazing.

Sculpted from the clay rich soils of Amazonia, the earthworks are made up of 30ft wide and 10ft deep ditches alongside 3ft high walls. The largest ring ditches founds so far are 1,000ft in diameter.

Excavations at some sites have also revealed evidence of permanent habitation, including domestic ceramics, charcoal and grinding stone fragments.

The findings cast serious doubt on previous studies that stated the area could only support small, impermanent villages.

Instead it is likely the Amazon teemed with complex societies. These were probably wiped out by diseases brought to South America by colonists 500 years ago.

Amazon Civilization Revealed

Amazon Civilization Revealed

South Africa “World Rape Capital”

Despite A Decline South Africa Still Remains The “World Rape Capital”:

Despite A Decline South Africa Still Remains The "World Rape Capital"

Despite A Decline South Africa Still Remains The “World Rape Capital”

South Africa’s National Freedom Party (NFP) has said the sexual offense statistics in the country were still very high despite a small decline observed. “We note that while sex-related crimes… decreased by just more than one percent, these crimes still remain very high as compared to global figures and South Africa remains the rape capital of the world,” News24 quoted NFP president Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi, as saying. KaMagwaza-Msibi welcomed an overall decrease in crime reflected in the latest statistics released by Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa on Thursday, and she added sexual crimes were not always reported. “We call on the government to provide safe shelters for the elderly and orphans, especially in rural areas, as these sections of our population are the most vulnerable to sexual crimes,” KaMagwaza-Msibi said.