North America

Weinstein is now part of Canada’s Jewish defense team? The Jewish Community has a lot of say in Canada, just shameful!  A country that supports a cult!

Occupy Vancouver

In a recent CTV report, and following some of the events of Occupy Vancouver  “The mayor of Halifax, which has also hosted an Occupy protest since Oct. 15, issued his own one-week ultimatum on Tuesday, saying the city needed to be cleaned for a ceremony of the Atlantic Jewish Council on Nov. 9 and a Remembrance Day event two days later”.

You think Jewish people in New York think they’re special, This Religious cult has its grubby hands in Canada as well.  This is direct evidence of the underhanded dealing Cults have, even over an entire country.  As the Jewish Cult continues to swindle this and every country through its own currency, more and more people are waking up to these terrible crimes against humanity.

Gay Marriage is another crime against humanity, it’s a crime against children.  Similar to religion, children should have a clean atmosphere and free from any unwanted influences.  Children are too young and impressionable to deal with adult terms and content.  Most of the time I find myself getting mad thinking these people should just keep personal belief’s and actions with them funking self’s.

Protect IP

Collapse of Noth America

Five Steps to Tyranny


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