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For Years now I have been asked to explain countless Conspiracy theories and have found myself struggling to remember where I referenced the last video or article I formed my opinion on.  This WordPress site is solely designed to provide a quick reference to these type of questions.   This is my personal library to the subject of Conspiracy type topics, perhaps mixed with some science based information.  I hope you find this information interesting, don’t hesitate to check out my newer site: Frontview.Org

For general information and questions, send an email to and we’ll do our best to respond quickly.



Kitchijoji, Nishi
Tokyo, Japan


4 responses to “Contact Me

    • That’s it, I will do a entire section on fema camps now. Thank you.

      My understanding in a nut shell is there prison facilities designed to imprison the population in times of Trouble, Marshal Law. A Military Police state is not to far off. All designed to Control the mass…

  1. what you do is just perfect!
    i don’t like the pix too much and maybe i wouldn’t have used the term ‘conspiracy’ so prominently, because i don’t necessarily see all the ‘other’ truths as such, but anyways: it works out fine, more than happy to have found you and your work! where are your fans??
    pls keep on, as long as SOPA isn’t through yet – btw: could be a new topic 🙂

    all the best from bln

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