Depressive sysmtoms linked to therapy uptake

Cognitive Depressive Symptoms and Antiretroviral Therapy Uptake:

Possible Link Between Cognitive Depressive Symptoms, Antiretroviral Therapy Uptake

Possible Link Between Cognitive Depressive Symptoms, Antiretroviral Therapy Uptake


The impact of depressive symptoms on antiretroviral therapy are being widely studied , studies have investigated the impact of these symptoms at ART initiation . According to researchers, understanding factors associated with ART initiation may be particularly useful where it is not as commonly prescribed , such as Russia , which has experienced a dramatic increase in rates of HIV infection in the past decade .

Jeffrey Samet, professor of internal medicine and principal investigator of the study, the researchers recruited participants in the evolution of the HIV epidemic in Russia – Mitigating Infection Transmission and Alcoholism in a growing epidemic study . The 133 eligible participants had their severity measured at six and 12 months of brands depressive symptoms.

The results do not provide evidence that the severity of depressive symptoms alone had no statistically significant effect on the initiation of ART , the findings suggest a possible role of cognitive depressive symptoms in decisions to initiate ART. According to investigators, the cognitive symptoms of depression are often regarded as an index of depression that is less influenced by the symptoms of HIV . In addition , the study showed findings consistent with existing studies showing participants with excessive alcohol co – morbid and injection drug use appears to have delayed the start of ART .

” Depressive symptoms have been shown to influence the progression of HIV and have been associated with poor virologic response to treatment and an increased immune failure,” said Tracie Goodness , a doctoral student in clinical psychology at the CAS and corresponding author of the study. “Starting the timely ART has been associated with many positive health effects , such as decreased mortality , increased immune function and lower rates of HIV transmission,” he added.

More research is needed, these results provide initial evidence for the role of depressive symptoms and may contribute to the understanding of the initiation of ART in HIV  infected populations

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