Americans hate Muslims

I don’t think they have the right to abuse their females or tell me how to run my life. But if they want to believe stupid things, who cares:


Americans hate Muslims

Americans hate Muslims

. Nobody wants to come out and put it that bluntly. The average American absolutely despises Muslims. And where did this hatred come from? 9/11. Everyone knows this. Prior to that time, most Americans thought of Muslims and Arabs as those odd people living on top of our oil. After 9/11, the secret wish of every American is to exterminate to the last man, woman, and child every single one of those raghead camel jockey motherfuckers. This hatred is so extreme that America has sacrificed every principle, its economy, and even its own freedoms in its desire for revenge on these people.  9/11 happened as blowback for US involvement in Middle Eastern affairs. It was only a matter of time before people who used to be on the US payroll would turn on the Americans and repay them for their stupidity. These facts are under reported in today’s media. This is because this is history, and the MSM is not interested in history. The MSM is interested in events as they happen. The result is that Americans witness these things and have no context for them. But these facts are readily available on the internet for anyone who has the ability to use Google. These facts are also common knowledge amongst those who work in government or the military. To put things in context, imagine if some foreign hostile government decided they didn’t like the regime here in America and wanted to change it. So, they sent over secret agents to recruit radical motherfuckers like Timothy McVeigh. They trained them, gave them weapons and money, intelligence, and anything else they might desire to perform terrorist activities inside this country. Are you mad yet? This is exactly what the US has done and continues to do in foreign countries. And let’s say one of these Timothy McVeigh types turned on his former benefactors and attacked them. You would think it to be ironic justice, wouldn’t you? This is how the Muslim world feels about Osama bin Laden. He isn’t a hero to them so much as the bomb that blew up in the American face that the Americans created. This is how it really is. Americans never stop to consider why the Muslim world is not fond of America. Americans react the way some redneck would react when a black family moves into the neighborhood. They ain’t one of us, and they need to disappear. This is why the stereotypical picture in the American mind of Muslims is that they are a bunch of crazed suicidal terrorists who irrationally blow shit up and kill people. The hatred that American people have for Muslims is in the same tradition as the hatred held for blacks and Jews in a previous time and what is witnessed now in regard to Mexican immigrants. Europe is close behind with politicians and people declaring that “multiculturalism has failed.” This is code for “those ragheads need to pack their shit up and get the fuck out of Paris/London/Copenhagen/etc.” This hatred is turning America ugly. The American people like to think they are better than this. We like to think that we respect civil liberties and human rights. America is the shining city on a hill that the rest of the world should emulate. But this isn’t the case. The US has tortured detainees, violated its own Constitution, and made a mockery of the Geneva Conventions. The American military has gone abroad and killed people including many innocents. What sort of reaction should we expect from abroad? This is what is so mind boggling. Americans still think they are the good guys.

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