Canadian Police censor Internet

Toews’s ‘child pornographers’ gaffe aside, Bill C-30 has real danger:



Catch those responsible for kiddy porn!  Lock them up and throw away the key, but we owe a debt of gratitude to Vic Toews. The hapless Minister of Public Safety, who informed Canadians that they stand with child pornographers unless they support his government’s electronic-snooping bill, sparked a well-deserved uproar where others have failed for so long.  The law isn’t new; similar bills had been tabled by previous governments, only to die when the minority governments fell. Privacy watchdogs have sounded the alarm time and again, but there was no outcry until Mr. Toews added his rhetorical fillip – that dash of George W. Bush – that turned a bit of workaday fear-mongering into a grand national insult.



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