Anonymous hacks Monsanto

monstantos, poison, gmo

monstantos, poison, gmo

Tango down: Operation End Monsanto claims first victim.  The Bivings Group, a public relations firm associated with Monsanto, has been permanently shut down after a devastating attack by those claiming to represent the nebulous and notorious international Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous.  According to the Anonymous hacktivists, The Bivings Group website was defaced, their database was hacked and dumped, hundreds of emails were stolen and are now viewable, and a database of Monsanto documents were acquired.  On Monday, Anonymous hacktivists released a statement via Pastebin announcing the successful attack. The following is an excerpt from that release:

Operation End Monsanto is still very much up and running.  Pwnage will continue indefinitely.First Victim: Bivings Corporation
Monsanto is a multi-national biotech corporation. According to Anonymous hacktivists, Monsanto is guilty of “oppressive corporate abuse” and “contaminating the world with chemicals and genetically modified food crops for profit while claiming to feed the hungry and protect the environment.”
Monsanto is known for pioneering Agent Orange, rBGH, Terminator seeds, genetically-modified food (or GMO’s, genetically-modified organism) and has patented various plant seeds in an effort to control food supplies. When Monsanto seeds are blown by the wind from a Monsanto-seed farm to a local farmer’s fields and take root, Monsanto then sues the local farmers for patent infringement.
According to the Anonymous Pastebin release, the Bivings Group issued the following statement before closing down completely:
“Our Cyber Infrastructure has recently been put under attack.  We are evaluating the extent of the intrusion, and apologise for any downtime and issues this may cause you.  It is not yet determined what the motives behind the attack are, or what, if any data has been compromised.  We will continue to keep you up to date, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.”
Death and Taxes confirms that the Bivings Group is “a now defunct PR firm which was known to have worked with Monsanto.” The report goes on to speculate about the role Anonymous played in putting an end to the Bivings Group:
Whether or not the Bivings Group hack actually precipitated the shut down is unknown, though it could have indeed been one of the factors.
Monsanto has been a target of Anonymous in the past. Last July the Internet hacktivist collective was successful in taking down Monsanto’s corporate website and compromising numerous corporate mail web servers. In addition, Anonymous released the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of 2500 Monsanto employees and associates.
In an explanation for targeting Monsanto, those claiming to represent Anonymous issued the following demands:
To Monsanto, we demand you stop the following:-Contaminating the global food chain with GMO’s.
– Intimidating small farmers with bullying and lawsuits.
– Propagating the use of destructive pesticides and herbicides across the globe.
– Using “Terminator Technology”, which renders plants sterile.
– Attempting to hijack UN climate change negotiations for your own fiscal benefit.
– Reducing farmland to desert through monoculture and the use of synthetic fertilizers.
-Inspiring suicides of hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers.
-Causing birth defects by continuing to produce the pesticide “Round-up”
-Attempting to bribe foriegn officials
-Infiltrating anti-GMO groups


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